Battlefield 3 – Fahrzeuge-Unlocks

On 31. Oktober 2011 by xXHITMAN1978Xx / Battlepfaffe

In Battlefield 3 – Limited Edition stehen Fahrzeuge jeglicher Art zur Verfügung.

Wir stellen Euch hier die Unlocks der jeweiligen Fahrzeugtypen etwas genauer vor und zitieren von Battlefield3Blog… 🙂

Battlefield 3 tank unlocks

BF3 tank unlocks

IR Smoke

The first unlock for the tank group is IR Smoke, which, when deployed, casts smoke around the vehicle, preventing it from being seen, spotted or targeted.

Secondary LMG

A light machine gun mounted co-axially to the main gun, and provides a secondary fire to the tank operator.


The autoloader increases the speed of reloading the main cannon.

3X Zoom

An improved optics set with the option to switch to 3X zoom for engaging targets at long range.

Maintenance (regen)

The maintenance unlock improves the tank’s ability and speed of which it regenerates its armor.

Secondary HMG

A secondary heavy machine gun mounted co-axially to the main cannon. The HMG is well suited against infantry and smaller vehicles as well.

Proximity scan

Scans the area around you for enemies and displays them on your mini map.

Guided shell

A shell which can lock on enemy vehicles and track them. The shell can also lock on vehicles designated with the laser designator from teammates.

Thermal optics

A separate set of optics with thermal vision which can better point out enemies.

Thermal camouflage

Makes your tank harder to spot for enemies, increases the time it takes to lock on your tank as well, and decreases the time your tank is spotted by enemies.

Canister shell

A large, shotgun-like shell that fires thousands of small pellets, which is very useful against infantry.

Reactive armor

Upgraded armor which can sustain much more damage.

Battlefield 3 Jet unlocks

Battlefield 3 jet unlocks


Increases the time it takes for enemies to lock on you, and decreases the time you are spotted by the enemies.

IR Flares

Infrared flares that distract incoming anti-air missiles.

Heat seeking air-to-air missiles

Air to air missiles against enemy jets and helicopters.

Belt speed loading

Decreases the time it takes to reload your main machine gun.

Proximity scan

A continuous scan outside of your aircraft that detects enemy jets and helicopters.


Extends the range of the jet radar to see enemy and friendly aircraft for longer distances.


Helps extinguish fires and can bring back a disabled jet back to operating levels.


Improves the time it takes for your jet to regenerate its shields.

Laser guided missile

An air-to-ground laser guided missile which can lock on ground vehicles.

Beam scanning

An upgraded missile radar which speeds up the time it takes to lock on enemy aircraft.

ECM radio jammer

A chaff launcher which makes it difficult for enemies to lock on your aircraft.

Battlefield 3 helicopter unlocks

Battlefield 3 helicopter unlocks


Increases the time it takes enemies to lock on your helicopter, and decreases the time you are spotted by enemies.

IR Flares

Infrared flares that distract heat seeking missiles.

Heat seeking missiles

Heat seeking missiles that can lock on enemy air and ground targets.

Main cannon autoloader

Decreases the time it takes your main cannon to load.

3X zoom optics

A weapon sight for the gunner with optional 3X zoom optics.

Proximity radar

A proximity radar that reveals enemy units around your helicopter.

Air radar

Increases the range of your air radar to reveal and track enemy aircraft over longer distances.

Guided missile

Guided missiles for the helicopter gunner which can lock on enemy land vehicles.


Extinguishes fires and helps a disabled helicopter to get back to operational levels.


Improves a helicopter’s shield regeneration.

Thermal optics

A set of thermal optics for the gunner to easily spot and track enemy infantry and vehicles.

Laser painter

A secondary fire mode which targets enemies with a laser designator.

ECM jammer

A radar jammer which makes it harder for enemies to lock on your helicopter.

Guided rockets

Increases the accuracy and range of the main helicopter rockets.

TV missile

A gunner-operated TV guided missile.

Battlefield 3 APC / IFV unlocks

Battlefield 3 APC unlocks

IR Smoke

Smoke countermeasures which make it harder for enemies to spot and lock on your vehicle.

Guided missile

Guided anti tank missile as a secondary fire.

Belt speed

Brings faster reload times to the main cannon.

Secondary LMG

A secondary light machine gun for the driver.

Thermal optics

Thermal optics for the driver to spot enemy infantry and vehicles.

Proximity scan

Reveals all enemies within a certain distance to the APC / Infantry Fighting Vehicle.

Zoom optics

Secondary fire is replaced by zoom optics with 3X magnification.


Decreases the time it takes for the APC to heal/regenerate.

Armor piercing shell

Armor piercing shell which deals more damage on direct hits, but doesn’t explode or deal any splash damage.

Thermal camo

Makes it harder for enemies to spot and lock on your APC.

Guided missile

Guided anti-tank missiles which can lock on enemy tanks designated with a laser.

Reactive armor

Improves overall armor of the APC, making it stronger and less penetrable.

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