Battlefield 3 – Fahrzeuge Part 2

On 31. Oktober 2011 by xXHITMAN1978Xx / Battlepfaffe

In Battlefield 3 – Limited Edition stehen Fahrzeuge jeglicher Art zur Verfügung.

Wir stellen Euch hier die Helicopter etwas genauer vor und zitieren von Battlefield3Blog… 🙂

AH-1 Super Cobra

Battlefield 3 Super Cobra
The Super Cobra was the main attack helicopter in Battlefield 2, and will reprise its role in Battlefield 3. The Cobra was introduced back in 1971, and is still in use today across several US armed forces.


Battlefield 3 Mi-28
The Mil MI28 is the Russian counterpart to the Super Cobra in Battlefield 3. It has been used since 1996 in the Russian army and was featured in previous Battlefield games.

UH-1Y Super Huey

Battlefield 3 Super Huey
The Bell UH-1Y Venom, a.k.a. Super Huey, is the main transport helicopter for the US side in Battlefield 3. The chopper can transport 5 soldiers: 1 pilot + 4 passengers.


Battlefield 3 KA-60
The Kamrov KA-60 will make its Battlefield debut in Battlefield 3. The chopper is a new Russian design that was introduced in 1998 as a fast reconnaissance helicopter, and for transporting air-assault forces.

AH-6J Little Bird

Battlefield 3 Little Bird
The Little Bird in Battlefield 3 is a fast attack and recon helicopter for the US faction, and seats 1 pilot + 1 gunner.


Battlefield 3 Z-11
The Z-11 is a Chinese-made fast attack and recon helicopter, used across China among police and special forces. In Battlefield 3, the Z-11 will be the Russian counterpart to the Little Bird.

AH64 Apache

AH64 Apache
Introduced in 1975, the Boeing AH64 Apache has been in service ever since and is the main attack helicopter of the United States. It’s one of the first vehicles to be confirmed in Battlefield 3. The Apache is used around the world by nations such as the United Kingdom, Japan, Egypt, among others. UPDATE: it has been confirmed that the Apache won’t be in Battlefield 3.

Mil MI24

The Mil MI24 is Russia’s most popular helicopter, and the main helicopter gunship. It has two pilots who can engage a variety of targets, and also seats 4 passengers. UPDATE: it has been confirmed that the MI24 won’t be in Battlefield 3.

UH60 Black Hawk

The UH60 Black Hawk is the main transport helicopter of the US military units, and has been confirmed for Battlefield 3. It can seat 5 soldiers, with a pilot, two gunners and two passengers. UPDATE: it has been confirmed that the Black Hawk won’t be in Battlefield 3, however it is still possible that we’ll see it in the Back to Karkand expansion.

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